The Stylish Minimalist Designer Laptop Bag by Zegari

Zegari Designer Laptop BagOne look at Zegari’s laptop bag and you will be amazed how beautiful it looks even though Zegari has modestly put it as a minimalist design. Befitting its status as a designer laptop bag, Zegari claims that this beauty is made of the finest leather with eye-catching materials (I believe them).

Forget about sleeve protectors, forget about laptop backpacks and say hello to a laptop bag that was designed with anti back-breaking ideas in mind. The Zegari laptop bag protects its precious contents with foam and structural protection which is evident when you look at its sturdiness. Inside, you will discover numerous pockets and organizational holders for your mobile phone, PDA, iPod, pens, call cards and paper documents. On the outside, you get zipped pocket for you to keep easy access documents such as airline boarding passes and train tickets.

While you can opt to carry the Zegari laptop bag on it’s soft cushioned leather handles, you have the option to sling it on your shoulders with a leather strap that comes with the bag. This laptop should fits most laptops with 15″ screens (if you intend to purchase this bag, it is best that you contact Zegari’s customer service to ascertain if your iBook, PowerBook or MacBook fits; for the price is not cheap).

The Zegari laptop bag does not come cheap; it is priced at $285 but wherever you go, this ‘minimalist’ bag is going to make heads turn. For more information, visit them at

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