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Fashionable Sleeves for your Mac with Flickz

Who says computer geeks can’t be fashionable, hip and trendy? With Flickz stylish laptop sleeves, technology has never looked so good. No longer would you have to look like a working sales agent every time you have your laptop with you. With Flickz Mac sleeves, you can give your precious gadget the home it deserves- in a cool-looking laptop protective sleeves that spells out ‘style’ in one glance. Now you can scrap out that dull, bulky and boring bag that you have that comes with the purchase of your laptop and say hello to trendy Mac sleeves that can turn your laptop to an instant fashion accessory that you can flaunt all you want. Why go for a Flickz case for your Mac?

Here are some pointers why:

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Look Mom, No Hands and No Pockets

iPod owners would like to bring their music machine everywhere they can; from parks, gyms, planes through to cruise ships.  However useful the iPods are to us or however dependent we are to the iPod, the device constantly pose some annoyances — the entangling earphone cables, no pockets when you need it, no place to put the iPod when doing the yoga routines.

iStik for 2nd Generation iPod Nano

Recently, I had the opportunity to review the iStik for iPod Nano — the solution to the annoyances I’ve mentioned above.  The iStik comes in 2 parts, a durable plastic case with 4 magnets fused at the back and a “fastener” equally with 4 magnets.  Read the rest of this entry »

Natural iPhone Cover – iWood

Miniot iWood for the iPhoneAlthough for many people, the sleek, highly polished finish and clean lines of the iconic Apple iPhone – hallmarks of the design genius of Jonathan Ive – are one of the main attractions towards owning one of these desirable devices, there are those who want to be able to enjoy the elegant functionality of the iPhone with a more natural appearance, and to this end, one of the leading iPod accessories companies, Miniot has recently released a range of wooden iPhone covers.

The range of natural iPhone covers in wood from Miniot build upon the reputation that the company has developed for producing high quality wooden cases for other models in the Apple range including the iPod classic. The wooden cases are produced to the absolute highest standard, and use only the finest woods.

By using natural materials from sustainable sources, Miniot have managed to tap into the imagination of many of the first wave of iPhone owners by giving them the opportunity to give their stylish phone a really great and eye catching natural look.

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Jawbone for your iPhone

Red Jawbone Bluetooth HeadsetThe iPhone has already redefined the standard for design in the mobile phone world with its sleek lines and large touch screen interface, and thanks to the enormous steps in style that have been taken with it, it has raised the bar for phones and any accessories.

In order to properly complement the stunning design of the iPhone, Jawbone have released an all new Bluetooth headset that has been specially produced in order to coincide with the iPhone’s release.

Jawbone are well known for their existing range of Bluetooth mobile phone headsets, and are renowned as one of the top manufacturers of high quality accessories in the world. They have combined the highest design principles with a real attention to detail to release the kind of great looking headsets that you will be happy to be seen with.

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Aegis Mini 1.8″ USB Ultra Portable Hard Drive

Apricon Aegis USB Mini Hard DriveHave you ever considered how much important data you have on your computer? Vital documents such as bank details, emails, and family finance information as well as important photos are all stored on your computer, and if for any reason you lose it, you would be in deep trouble or rather in deep regret.

We are all protective enough of our paperwork, keeping it fireproof filing boxes, and yet we do not do the same for our electronic data. Very few of us take the time to make a regular back up of our vital information, despite the fact that it can so easily be lost. A power surge, the theft of a computer, or a domestic accident can all result in us losing all of our valuable data, and yet, making a back up is a simple task that takes almost no effort at all.With an Aegis Mini 1.8” USB Ultra Portable Hard Drive you can make a back up of all your data and keep it safe. It is small enough to keep in your pocket, yet big enough to contain upwards of 30GB of files, making it the perfect companion for your computer.

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