Time to Change Your Old Boom Box to the iPod Hi-Fi

iPod Hi-FiThat’s right people. We need to get in touch with the times. It’s time to discard the old boom box playing your cassette tapes and change it to the Apple iPod Hi-Fi working hand-in-hand with iPod’s digitized music. Gone are the days of the ’80s.

To work this beauty, all you need to do is plug your iPod into the Hi-Fi and play away. Although the iPod Hi-Fi can be placed stationary in a room, you have the option to carry it around powered by 6 D-cell batteries (It weighs 7.6kg inclusive of batteries). When you purchase the iPod Hi-Fi, it comes with 10 iPod Universal Dock Adapters and a remote control.

The iPod Hi-Fi comes at a price of $349. Full specifications can be obtained from Apple’s website.

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