The Thinnest Bluetooth Mouse for Your Mac

Mogo Bluetooth MouseI carry my laptop with me a lot. Trust me when I say “a lot”. My laptop is practically by my side 20 hours a day (it sleeps next to me too). Using the trackpad for a short duration is pretty okay with me but after using it for more than 30 minutes, my fingers starts to cramp. I therefore, attach a mouse whenever I use my laptop.

Initially, I used the wired mouse but packing and unpacking the cables is becoming a chore. I then upgraded my mouse to a bluetooth wireless mouse but the amount of recharge required is bothering me till I found out about the MoGo Bluetooth Mouse. As you can observe from the inset, the Mogo Mouse is a business card sized 2 button wireless mouse that can be stored in the PC Card (PCMCIA) slot whenever not in use.

Every time you slot the Mogo Mouse into the PC Card slot, the built-in battery is charged (full charge within minutes) which ensures that your wireless mouse will always have enough charge. Unfortunately, the Mojo Mouse is not suitable for MacBook or MacBook Pro laptops as Apple has not included the PC Card in their latest laptop offerings.

The Mogo Mouse truly redefined portability and mobility for mice. For more information, you can visit or you can get a unit of Mogo Mouse from Amazon at $69.99.

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