Stylish Skype Phone for Mac

IPEVO Skype Phone for MacI’m sure you guys know what Skype is (so, I won’t bore you with the basics of Skype). When I roam around the city, I see many Skype users using a normal headset with a microphone that juts out like a sorethumb. I used to have one of those Altec Lansing headsets but when I travel around with my iBook, the headsets suddenly appears impractical largely due to the size.

When I laid eyes on these IPEVO Skype Phone, I was captivated by the beauty, style and fashion statement it was making. Compared to the current Taiwanese brand that I use currently, the IPEVO Free-1 USB Skype Phone wins hands down. Fits perfectly into my bag too.

A quick rundown of the specifications:

  • Size: 151mm x 38mm x 25mm
  • Weighing in at 65g
  • Programmable buttons to add to your convenience
  • Use keypads to make SkypeOut calls or receive and control Skype conversations
  • Volume control and mute function buil-in to the handset
  • Does not require and onboard PC sound card
  • 10 types of ringtones to choose from including silent
  • Attached USB cable of 2.5m in length

Retailing at $34.99, the IPEVO Free-1 Skype Phone comes in Alpine White or Ultimate Black. Get both! 😆

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