Shaggy MacBook Pro Laptop Screen Protector

Shaggymac Macbook Pro Laptop ProtectorShaggyMac Screen protector for the MacBook Pro is probably one of the most advanced ways to keep your laptop screen intact when you take it on the road or when it stands on your desk. It provides protection against dirt, oils and residue, keeping your screen safe giving you more time to focus on your work or watching clear crisp images.

There is more to this screen protector than meets the eye as it uses TrueMicro fabrics, which translates into over 1 million fibers per square inch that makes it the best screen protector you can buy. The most important aspect is that they are made exactly to fit your model so the appearance of your laptop will remain the same, not like other screen protectors.

Another important feature not to be overlooked is its ability to act as a screen cleaner resulting in a breeze to wipe away dust and debris without worrying about scratching your screen or leaving fingerprints!

Care has to be taken not to misplace or forget it to take it with you when you are on the road! If you decide to get the screen protector, get the one with an eye-catching color such as the bottom blue or olive green, so that you will be reminded to keep it away after use.

Apart from this, it is a great way to take care of the investment you made – your MacBook Pro – remember that the laptop screen protector comes with the iKlear Apple Polish Single for free, needless to say, a great companion to keep your screen as good as new; all for $12.95.

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