QuickerTek PowerBook Connect for iBook and MacBook Pro

QuickerTek PowerBook ConnectHere’s how to increase your PowerBook AirPort wireless network range and speed by two to three times. And do so without any additional cables, wires or special connectivities. Do you need just that extra few yards so that you can work in your garden under the beautiful and inviting gazebo? That extra yards to work from the comfort of your study? If you are looking for that extra yards, look no further than QuickerTek’s PowerBook Connects (PBConnect).

The PBConnect is a high-powered antenna that is placed on your Mac to give you that extra distance and speed (The PBConnect has 200mW of RF power compared to PowerBook’s 20mW). Installation is a breeze and all you need to do is switch it on and surf away. There is no hardwiring required and therefore, no clutter or mess. However, you will need power to power up the PBConnect either through AC adapter, USB cable or the internal battery.

The following are the QuickerTek’s Connect prices:
iBook $199.95 / $229.95 (with optional internal battery)
PowerBook $199.95
MacBook Pro $199.95 / $229.95 (with optional internal battery)

More information from QuickerTek’s website.

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