Protect your precious iBook or PowerBook keyboards

iSkin Keyboard ProtectionHow often have you looked at your keyboards and admire the cleanliness and oil-free keys? Many of us would definitely want to protect the shine of our keyboard to retain that “new” feeling.

Now, protect your iBook or PowerBook against spills, dirt, food crumbs and other unwanted elements (such as staples, cigarette ash or dead skin) that may get on and in between the keys. This protective layer will also prevents your keys from general wear and tear caused by everyday use such as scratches and chips.

When you cover the keys of your keyboard, it does not hinder your typing. In fact, it feels kind of nice to to type since the layer is soft and flexible. Moreover, the layer creates a non-slip feeling. You should remove and wash this protective layer in order to remove dirt and oils that may be transferred from the layer to the iBook or PowerBook screen.

This accessory called the ProTouch PB Keyboard Protector by iSkin comes in 2 colours; Arctic (frosted clear) and Sonic ( electric blue). My preference is the Artic as it maintains the same colour tone with the rest of my iBook. You can purchase the Protouch PB Protector from iSkin Store or Amazon Store.

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