Premium iPhone Flip Case Accessory

Prima Premium iPhone Red Flip CaseWith its sleek good looks, and elegant lines, the new Apple iPhone is going to be a gadget that you will absolutely want to show off at every opportunity, however, it is also going to be something that you will want to protect to keep it looking as good as possible for as long as you could.

One of the best looking leather cases available for the iPhone is the Prima Premium Leather Flip Case designed especially to fit the iPhone, and allow unfettered access to its touch screen, as well as offering plenty of storage space for all your extras too. Read the rest of this entry »

iPod Time Machine and Docking Station

JBL On Time iPod Dock & Time MachineThe JBL On Time is one of the most striking looking iPod docks currently available, and aside from its unique style, it also offers plenty of tech and coolness factor. The JBL On Time is an iPod Dock that offers superior sound quality from its speakers, and also has a built in radio and clock to wake you up in the morning.

Although its oval (semi circle if you must) shape appears a bit gimmicky at first, the unique shape of the JBL On Time is designed to offer 360 degree sound using speakers placed around its circumference, and when you listen to it for the first time, it is certainly very impressive when compared to more traditional iPod speaker docks. Read the rest of this entry »

Bluetooth Headset for Apple iPhone

Radtech Bluetooth BT400GL HeadsetManufactured by the respected iPod accessories company Radtech, this new Bluetooth headset for the stunning Apple iPhone will allow you to take calls on the move and leave your hands free to carry out other tasks including driving or working at the computer.

The Radtech iPhone Bluetooth Headset is also completely compatible with the full range of Apple Products, and you can even use it with your Mac to make Internet phone calls using VOIP software like Skype.

As with all Bluetooth accessories, this headset is an absolute breeze to set up, simply switch it on and then use the touch screen menu of your iPhone to connect to the headset. You will then be able to answer calls simply by touching the ergonomic button on the side of the unit. Because it is able to integrate so seamlessly with the Apple iPhone, the Radtech BT400GL is able to support voice dialling to allow you to make calls without even touching your handset. Read the rest of this entry »

Listen To Your iPod and Mobile Phone At The Same Time

Tekkeon MyTalker ET7000With the new myTalker ET7000 from Tekkeon, you can turn your iPod into a Bluetooth headset that is compatible with your mobile phone, and will allow you to take calls through your existing headphones.

The Tekkeon myTalker is a highly compact and sleek looking device that fits in perfectly with the Apple iPod, and thanks to its ingenious construction and use of Bluetooth technology, it will allow you to answer and reject calls without touching your phone, and then speak to your friends with its built in microphone and your existing headphones. Read the rest of this entry »

Rapid Travel Charger for Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone Rapid Travel ChargerAs with any other mobile phone, smartphone or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), you will need to keep your Apple iPhone charged and ready to go. The rapid travel charger for Apple iPhone will come in handy if you are always on the move, on a business travel or simply on a vacation.

Available at a price of $29.95, Gomadic’s new Apple iPhone Rapid Wall AC Travel Chargers boasts of delivering double amount of surge-free and safe power; thereby charging your iPhone fully in half the time compared to other chargers. The slim design makes this rapid travel charger very portable and easily stowed away in your haversack or briefcase. Read the rest of this entry »