Monitor Calibration with Pantone Huey

Pantone HueyGetting the perfect color balance on your computer monitor will allow you to get more from your computer. From getting the right shades and tones on photographs to make sure that they look great when they are printed, through to ensuring that movies look just as good on your computer as they do in the cinema, getting the colors right on your PC or Mac is essential.

Work is easier on the eye when your computer screen is well set up, and you will find that when the colors are correct on your monitor, you suffer from less eye strain than you would normally when working with images or on web sites.

The Pantone Huey is a special device that is compatible with almost all computers and both CRT and LCD monitors. It works by analyzing the ambient light and adjusting the contrast and brightness levels on your computer monitor to ensure that the colors are displayed properly and appropriately to the conditions.

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Pinnacle TV for Mac HD Stick

Pinnacle TV For Mac HD StickIf you’ve been looking for a way to get even more out of your Mac, and fancy the idea of changing it into a portable media centre, then the Pinnacle TV for Mac HD Stick is the perfect solution for you.

This great gadget which is similar to your home’s HD antennas, allows you to enjoy all the functions of a top end television with HD (High Definition) on your Mac wherever you are. Simply plug the stick into the USB port on your laptop, and you can start watching television immediately in either HD or SD (Standard Definition) format.

The Pinnacle TV for Mac HD Stick comes complete with everything you need to get up and running including a telescopic antenna to offer excellent picture quality wherever ATSC (High Definition) transmissions are available. You also get the Elgato Eye TV Lite software suite that will allow you to watch, record, and instantly rewind television as it is received.

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Perfect Monitor for Your Mac Mini

Apple LCD MonitorSo, you have just purchased your Mac Mini and you would like to have the perfect monitor to match your cute little 6″ by 6″ Mac that is versatile enough to act as a LCD TV.

Consider Apple’s Cinema Display range of monitors. All of them matched the Mac Mini very well down to the color and curvature. With 4 million pixels in the 30″ monitor, it gives you enough space to work on the Mac and watch movies at the same time. Talk about killing 2 birds with one stone.

The hinges that supports this display can be “unhinged” so that you can mount it directly on the wall. This is great if you have limited space in your room or study. Using an industry-standard DVI (Digital Video Interface), you can use this display as a second display or use it on your personal computer. DVI connections ensure that you get crystal clear displays with full clarity and sharpness, all the time.

Each Cinema Display monitors come with 2 FireWire ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports. This adds more flexibility for you if you have more devices to connect to your Mac Mini. You can have a choice of 20″, 23″ High Definition or 30″ High Definition Apple Cinema Displays.

For more information about Apple’s Cinema Display, please visit Apple’s web site.

BoxWave’s Mobile Mounting Kit for Apple iPhone

BoxWave Mobile Mounting KitThere are literally thousands of different kits available to mount your mobile phone in the car, but very few are as flexible or as adaptable as the latest model from BoxWave. Whereas in the past many hands-free phone holders for the car have needed to be screwed into place, and were only compatible with a single model of mobile phone, modern consumers need mobile phone holders that are more easy to adapt to different models, and can be easily fitted in any car.

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iGo Minimalist Desk

iGo Minimalist DeskOne of the main appeals of the current range of Apple computers is in their stunning design. The sleek lines and clean finishes of the iMac and Mac Mini, coupled with their easy to use interfaces have made them amongst the most popular Apple computers of all time, and converted millions of people to make the change from regular PCs.

Simply putting the box and monitor on a regular desk is no way to show off the stunning design of an Apple computer, so why not get yourself an iGo minimalist desk, which has been specifically designed in order to fit in perfectly with the design ethic of the latest Apple iMac and Mac mini computers, and allow you to extend the great design of the computer to your working environment.  Read the rest of this entry »