Mount your iPod to your Bike

iBikeMount for iPod NanoBikers who are also iPod Nano owners frequently complain about earplug cables getting entangled during their biking activities. Besides that, a few complained about cracked screens after accidentally knocking into handle bars.

It was then that I found out about Strata Systems’ iBikeMount. Designed and built specifically for the iPod Nano, iBikeMount can be easily mounted to bicycles, strollers and even your lawn mower. As long as there is something for iBikeMount to latch on (handlebars are extremely good candidates), your iPod Nano can be safely secured.

iBikeMount for iPod Nano
With the iBikeMount, you can really show off the coolness of your iPod instead of having it in your pants pocket, shirt pocket or your sleeves. However, as a fair warning, please practise safe biking and ensure that you are fully alert and focused while biking.

Priced at $30.00, the iBikeMount ensures that your iPod Nano will not obstruct your biking experience.

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