iBook and PowerBook Battery Packs

You are in the lecture hall, attending a long lecture of the most long-winded speaker you have ever met. Your iBook battery has depleted.
You are about to make a long presentation on your PowerBook and you are not sure if the battery pack will last for the duration of your presentation.
You are working over the Internet in Starbucks and attending to a very important customer. Your battery suddenly goes flat.

Sounds all too familiar? We all have had our share of moments where we wished that our Apple laptops have that extra juice to last a little longer. But alas, all battery packs are standard. What you need is additional power packs, however, lugging these packs around can be a burden.

Apple Laptop Power Battery PackIf you constantly need that extra power, you may want to consider Lind Electronic’s Lithium-Ion Power Packs for Apple Computers. This LiIon power pack is 0.5 inch thick, weighs 3.4 lbs and delivers an extra 10 hours of runtime for your iBook or Powerbook. On the pack itself, you can will be able to see LED indicators to let you know the remaining power in the pack.

Use this power pack anywhere you like for an extended time. From classrooms to courtrooms, on long business trips and vacations as well as on dreaded long airline flights. These power packs are sold from $349.95 to $449.95.

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