Mac User Wannabes – Mac Emulation and 2nd Hand Solutions

Apple Logo79% Windows, 20% Mac and 1% others. That is the statistics that MacGears is recording of it’s visitors. That had made me come to a conclusion that there are plenty of Windows users out there who are curious about Mac and a big majority of them wants to use the Mac. In this post, I offer Mac user wannabes 2 solutions:

Firstly, if you are stuck with your PC and have no way to get your hands on a mac, why no get yourself some Mac emulation software or beautify your PC with Mac stuff at

Secondly, buying a new Mac can be an expensive affair to some. New Mac users are always very cautious before taking the plunge as they worry that Mac will not suit them. However, to calm those nerves, many Mac users (previously Windows users) said to me that they will never go back to Windows. Instead of buying a brand new Mac, you are able to find a cheaper alternative by buying second hand Mac which may not be the latest version but will still be adequate for most computer users and also to give you the necessary experience in handling the Mac.

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