Laptop Heat Dissipation using Road Tools’ Coolpad

Road Tools Podium CoolpadHere’s something for your iBook, Powerbook and/or MacBookPro. It’s Road Tools’ Coolpad which is built to help disperse heat that gathers at the bottom of the laptops. Though the laptop themselves dissipate heat, the Coolpad is able to ensure a faster heat dissipation by elevating the laptop from the bottom.

Guys, if you use your laptops by placing them on your lap for long hours, I would strongly suggest you consider this product in order to protect your future generation. Research has discovered that hot laptops may reduce male fertility.

Besides the cooling effect and saving future generation, I love the Coolpad simply because, by placing my iBook on the gadget, it automatically inclines the entire laptop, making access to the keyboard easier and typing becomes a joy.

Road Tools offers two models; the Podium ($29.95) for normal use and the Traveler ($19.95) for traveling people. Furthermore, Road Tools provides 30days money back guarantee and guarantees their products from breakage for life.

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