iPod Nano Replaces iPod Mini

Apple iPod NanoThe iPod Nano is a beautifully designed pencil-thin iPod (that is, the thickness is as thick as a typical pencil) set to replace the iPod Mini. Contrary to the Mini which is a hard drive based device, the iPod Nano uses flash memory thereby making it lighter (1.5 ounces / 42 grams), energy efficient (longer battery life) and 1/3 the size of its predecessor.

On sale in 2 different storage sizes (4GB and 2GB), the iPod Nano is capable of storing approximately 1,000 songs or 25,000 photos. Not only do you use your iPod Nano for songs and photos, it comes loaded with games and calendar functions. The battery is expected to last 14 hours between recharge.

The new iPod Nano comes in either black or white and in 4GB or 2GB storage. The 4GB model retails at $249 while the 2GB model is priced at $199.

For more details on the iPod Nano and customer reviews, check out Amazon Store.

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