Invisible Shield – Your iPod Protection

Invisible Shield for your iPodLooking for a skin to protect your iPod? There are numerous skins available out there for you to choose; from leather pouch to fancy iPod covers to screen protectors. Stemming from the scratch-prone iPod Nano post, would like to introduce you to a skin that is called the Invisible Shield.

For $24.95 (or $10.95 for the screen shield only), you get the toughest skin protection, guaranteed for life. The skin is intended to be installed on your iPod for good but if you ever decide to take it off, you can. The skin is made of clear material (which I like) and hence, you get the original look and color of your iPod.

One last thing, the Invisible Shield is made originally to protect the leading edges of helicopter blades while travels at hundreds of miles an hour. Imagine the toughness.

Click here to learn more about the Invisible Shield and don’t miss out on their video demo.

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