Increase Wireless Signal Strength with QuickerTek’s Tranceivers

Mac Transceiver to improve wireless signal strengthIsn’t it frustrating to hook on to weak wireless or WiFi signals; resulting in constant timeouts and signal disconnection? What you need is a wireless signal booster to increase the signal range. Stronger wireless signals will result in reliable Internet connection, higher data throughput and better surfing experience.

This is where the QuickerTek’s transceivers help in the above. Their tranceivers are WiFi compliant, supporting both 802.11g and 802.11b wireless protocols and works with Mac OS 9.x and Mac OS 10.x systems. As an example, imagine the power of QuickerTek’s iMac G5 tranceiver; taking Apple as a comparison, the iMac G5’s RF output is approximately 30mW while QuickerTek’s transceiver pumps out 500mW. Depending on your Apple models, you will experience 10 times the normal signal strength and/or an additional ½mile wireless range!

QuickerTek has transceivers for iMac, PowerMac, iBook, PowerBook, Mac Mini and Airport as well as the new MacBook Pro.

For more information and purchase details, visit QuickerTek’s website at

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