Griffin EarJams Saves iPod Earbuds

Griffin EarJamsThis is an onslaught of the iPod earbuds that, in my opinion, remain crappy. Just like I mentioned in the previous post, using iPod earbuds with your precious iPod is akin to driving a Ferrari using wooden wheels.

If you want to continue using the default earbuds from Apple and yet would like to enjoy your music at a higher level, you may want to consider Griffin’s EarJams. This product looks like an in-ear extension that snaps onto your iPod earbuds; funneling the music directly into your ear and increases the sound volume by 10 decibels. Using the EarJams, you will experience a higher level of improved sound and bass; comfortable wear of the iPod earbuds.

The EarJams comes with 3 earpads sizes and can be purchased for $19.99 available from Griffin Technologies or from Amazon at $6.99 (press time).

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