Get FM radio on your iPod

Griffin iFM for iPodsAre you tired of your MP3 songs in your iPod? Fancing listening to the good old radio stations? Well, Griffin Technology has just the product for you. Called the iFM, it’s a radio, remote and recorder all in one for the iPod.

Using the radio function, you can tune in to your favorite radio station and listen away. Listening to a piece of news or music that you like, why not record it into your iPod. Yes, that’s right!! The iFM is able to record live radio into your iPod. You can also use the iFM to record voice memos using its built-in microphone.

Once you are bored with the FM radio stations, switch back to listening to your iPod MP3s and use the iFM to control play, pause, fast forward, rewind, next song, previous song and volume.

Please note that the features are dependent on the model that you have. Generally, it supports 3G, 4G, Photo and Mini models. You can purchase your own iFM from Griffin Store.

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