Cordless Stereo Headset for iPod Nano

MacAlly's mTune-N Cordless Headset for iPod NanoDo you fancy listening to your iPod minus the cables? There are 2 ways that you can achieve this. One; use a wireless device such as FM modulators and speakers. Two; use the mTune-N Cordless Stereo Headset by MacAlly. The beauty of this headset is that you can listen and enjoy your music anywhere and anytime simply by inserting your iPod Nano into the headset slot. What’s more; there is no batteries required!!

Because of the ingenious design, even though you have your iPod Nano plugged into the headset, you will still be able to access te click wheel and screen display. When not in use, the headsets can be collapsed into a ball for easy storage.

MacAlly’s mTune-N Cordless Headset comes at an affordable price of $49.99.

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