Choose your iPod Accessory for your Car Stereo (Wizard Based)

Dubbed the Digital Drive-thru, Crutchfield has made it easier for you to choose the correct accessory for your iPod and your car stereo. Now you don’t even have to check your car stereo model; Crutchfield has figured it all out. All you need to do is provide some accurate information about your current vehicle and your iPod model, and bam! The necessary accessories are displayed.

I did a quick search for mine, all in 5 clicks. After completing the simple form, the accessories were displayed in a tabbed form for the following catergories; iPod Adapter, Control System, Wired FM Modulator, FM Transmitters and Cassette Adapters.

When you click on each tab, Crutchfield will display the accurate accessories for your iPod to work with your car stereo. Now that I’ve got mine, give yours a drive-thru.

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