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Fashionable Sleeves for your Mac with Flickz

Who says computer geeks can’t be fashionable, hip and trendy? With Flickz stylish laptop sleeves, technology has never looked so good. No longer would you have to look like a working sales agent every time you have your laptop with you. With Flickz Mac sleeves, you can give your precious gadget the home it deserves- in a cool-looking laptop protective sleeves that spells out ‘style’ in one glance. Now you can scrap out that dull, bulky and boring bag that you have that comes with the purchase of your laptop and say hello to trendy Mac sleeves that can turn your laptop to an instant fashion accessory that you can flaunt all you want. Why go for a Flickz case for your Mac?

Here are some pointers why:

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Glasses for your iSight

iGlasses SettingsAre you unhappy about the images captured by iSight? Dark and blurry images? No images captured under dim lightings? Unable to rotate image when placed iSight sideways? In short, the iSight is pretty limited in terms of image enhancements and this is where your iSight requires iGlasses.

With iGlasses, you get get total control over your iSight by adjusting and manipulating your video settings from Mac programs such as iChat, iMovie, Photo Booth, Yahoo! Messenger and Skype. For G3 users, you will be pleased to know that iGlasses is able to activate video conferencing on your Mac computers which fall below iChat’s minimum requirement of 600 MHz. Read the rest of this entry »

iLife 06: iPhoto – A Review

Apple iLife '06This year’s update to iPhoto is a substantial one. Apple has worked hard, improving current features, and also introducing some cool new features.

Upfront, the notable change you will see when launching iPhoto 6 is the interface. The interface now matches that of iTunes 6, which looks very smooth and attractive. It has a soft touch of blue in the sidebar where your albums reside, and the rest of the interface has a nice aqua edge too it.

Faster Loading
One of the heavily marketed features in the new iPhoto is the major speed enhancement. When you open iPhoto your photos now load considerably faster. Scrolling through your photo library is also a much speedier experience. iPhoto now has the ability to store and organize up to 250,000 images, so the speed incensement will be dearly loved by those with larger photo libraries.

Apple’s brand new feature to iPhoto, Photocasting has been talked about a lot among Mac fanatics. Photocasting allows .Mac members to share photos anywhere, anytime, all around the world.

When you click on an image, you can click the Photocast button, and it will publish the image to your .Mac account, along with automatically creating an RSS feed which others can subscribe to and view your images.

Once your Photocasting RSS feed is created, friends or family can subscribe to the feed directly through iPhoto, or if they use a Windows computer, the images can be viewed through any RSS reader.
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MoviePod for your iPod Video

MoviePod for your iPod VideoApple’s recently released iPod 5G is a huge step towards media domination in the technology industry. With the new iPod 5G’s ability to store and play up to 150 hours of high quality video on the small player, this is an exciting new innovation for Apple and music fans. The downside of the new iPod 5G, is that video needs to be in a specific format, and a specific screen size to play on the iPod. Otherwise the video capability is useless.

We recently reviewed another similar application to MoviePod, called Podner. MoviePod is Podner’s main competitor in the video converting market for Apple’s iPod’s. Let’s take a look, and see what MoviePod has to offer! Read the rest of this entry »

Mac OS Screen Capture with FreeSnap

Mac OS Screen CaptureWe all have times when we need to get a screenshot of what is on the Mac’s screen. You may own a website and be writing reviews that you need in action images for, you might want to show something cool to a friend in another country, or you might have seen something unusual, and want to capture the moment to show off to friends.

FreeSnap is the ultimate screen taking application. It beats both SnapzProX and Apple’s included application “Grab”, by a considerable margin.

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