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iJet Wireless RF Remote for iPods

iJet Wireless Remote ControlImagine yourself lying down on the bed in the bedroom and your iPod is hooked to your home stereo. You had a hard days work and want to relax to jazz music. In the past, you will need to get out of bed, walk up to your iPod and change the music to jazz. Now, you can remain in bed and control your iPod via a remote control.

The iJet Wireless RF Remote for the iPod is the answer for iPod remote control. The remote works with a RF signal that will control your iPod from a distance of up to a 150 feet. You just need to remember to have the iPod in hold position in order to use the remote.

This iPod remote control work through walls so you can actually use it while you are in your backyard; and if you have your precious iPod safely hidden in your backpack, while rushing through the streets, the remote will allow you to control it without having to take it out in the open.

It is easy to use, looks great –as all iPod gadgets do- and above all is handy and practical. If you can’t live without your iPod and you take it everywhere and need to control it while on the go, or you if are just a couch-potato, this might be the gadget for you after all. There are 2 variant to the remote control; iJet 2-Way LCD Remote and the iJet Wireless Remote with Bottom Dock. The difference is that the LCD allows you to view song selections, artists and playlists while the other does not.

As of this post, Amazon’s price for the iJet 2-Way LCD Remote is $87.99 and the iJet Wireless Remote is $32.18.

Record Voice Memo on Your iPod

Belkin TuneTalkWith Belkin’s TuneTalk, you can now record voice memos directly into your iPod with the clarity comparable to CD quality.

To use, simply attach the TuneTalk to the base of your iPod which houses 2 omnidirectional microphones. However, to review or listen to your recorded memo, you still require an earbud or through iTunes. An extremely important accessory when required, you can use your iPod with TuneTalk to record that important meeting, interviews, college lectures or even normal conversations.

To save your hands from cramps, this accessory comes with a stand allowing you to operate in a hands-free mode. It even charges your iPod if the cable is connected; ensuring that you do not lose power in the middle of recording.

With a price tag of $69.99, the Belkin TuneTalk comes only in black color. At press time, Amazon’s price is $46.22.

NYKO Speaker Dock2 for iPod

NYKO iPod DockiPod speaker docks have become more and more common as most people have their whole music library on their iPod. A speaker dock allows you the freedom to listen to your music without being held back by headphones.

The NYKO speaker dock is an excellent choice for someone considering the purchase of a speaker dock. It has a round speaker with the iPod mounted on top. It looks much more stylish than a traditional dock system which typically features a square base which the iPod is placed into.

The NYKO dock contains two speakers which provide high quality sound. Not only does it sound great, but it works to recharge your iPod while you are listening to music. In addition, it contains a port to allow you to transfer files at the same time you are charging your iPod. It has an adjustable base so that it can fit any size iPod except the iPod Shuffle which is great for a family or individual who has more that one iPod.

It can run off of batteries or using an AC adaptor. The iPod base can be moved around for ease in watching videos if you have an iPod with that capability.

The NYKO speaker dock will cost you around $80 which is a great price and comparable with other docks that are less stylish and have less features. For more information, visit NYKO’s webpage.

iPod Video Accessory – MYVU Personal Viewer

MYVU iPod Video AccessoryWhat does this MYVU do? The first impression is that it’s a ‘futuristic space age’ sunshades but instead of protecting your eyes from the sun, the MYVU it allows you to watch your TV shows, music videos and podcasts and movies anywhere! It works like this: the viewer takes the output signal from the media device and projects a floating image that you can see around and it comes with built-in noise reducing ear buds for stereo sound.

The MYVU Personal Viewer comes in two models: one specially designed for the iPod and the “universal edition” that works both with the iPod and with portable DVD players. The universal edition can pretty much be used with any media device as long as it has a video out port; plus is cheaper than the other model, although it uses 3 AAA batteries and not an ultra-thin lithium battery like in the iPod edition.

The MYVU Personal Viewer is a cutting-edge technology in portable display giving you the smallest and lightest eyewear display in the market. Plus the design is irresistible and it comes with extra gadgets like a belt pouch to carry it and the iPod model includes a travel case.

Though it facilitates visual portability, it lacks high-quality resolution; displayingg only 320 x 240 pixels and 24 bit color depth. Futhermore, it’s not exactly an affordable Christmas or birthday present, the MYVU is priced at $299 for the universal edition and $399 for the iPod model.

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Retro iPod Speakers by Geneva Lab

GenevaLab Retro Speakers for the iPodIf you are looking for speakers that not only look good but also sound great when playing your digital music, you should check out the Retro iPod speakers by Geneva Labs. Unlike traditional sound systems which require two speakers connected by wire, Geneva speakers combine both speakers into one speaker cabinet. This allows for the sound quality to be optimized throughout the room.

The good-looking Geneva speakers come in two versions, the model L and the model XL. The difference is in the size of the speaker box. You can choose from the red, white, or black model. There are also optional floor stands which lift the speaker box off of the ground.

The Geneva iPod speakers can play your iPod Video, iPod photo, iPod Mini or the iPod nano in addition to CD’s. It also has FM radio capabilities. All the stereo features can be controlled by the remote control.

Perhaps the only drawback to the Geneva speakers is the price tag. The smaller model L unit costs $599 and the larger model XL unit costs $1075. However, if you are serious about digital music and you want a speaker system that will provide high quality sound from your iPod this system might be the way to go.

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