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Hip Retro Shelf System for Your iPod

SpeckTone Retro SpeakersIf you have a hip home; if you are a hip person; if you desire hip stuff and if you are into retro things, the SpeckTone Retro Table Top Speaker System is just what you need. The first thing that catches your eyes would be the speakers retro-ness, the wood construction and the awesome glossy piano finish.

The SpeckTone Retro sports a four-inch subwoofer and delivers 28-watt output where the volume is controlled using a large knob located smack centered (this system is remote control-less).

You can get your very own Retro Speakers in white, black and green for $99. For more information, visit

Cool Shelf System – iH5 by iHome

iH5 by iHomeFree yourself and your iPod from the crutches of wired earbuds. Your iPod should be allowed to stream its music to every corner of your home. The iH5 from iHome is definite a great addition to your home with functionalities such as a radio, an alarm clock (wake up to the buzzer, radio or iPod music) and Gentle Sleep (gradual decrease in music volume). The iH5 boasts of its trademarked Reson8 Sound Chamber for clear sound reproduction and vibration minimization thorough its custom Strontium-Ferrite speakers.

Buy it now at iHomeDirect for $99.95 or if you prefer, from Amazon for $74.88.

Awesome iGroove HG iPod Speaker from Klipsch

Klipsch's iGroove HG iPod Shelf SystemIF you are looking for a shelf system for your iPod, consider Klipsch’s iGroove HG. For 60 years, Klipsch has been building horn technology and speaker design and the result is a remarkable iGroove HG. If you own other MP3 players beside the iPod, you can be rest assured that the iGroove HG works with almost any MP3 player brands.

In the packaging, you can find the main unit, remote control, power cord and adapters for different iPod models. To start enjoying the iGroove HG, simply choose the proper iPod adapter, dock your iPod and turn on the power. While you enjoy the music streaming out, the iGroove HG charges your iPod. The iGroove lacks in terms of portability as it does not run over batteries; power sockets are your only choice of powering this shelf system.

One last word, with the super glossy finish and curvy shelf system, the iGroove HG begs to be placed smack center on your shelf; gathering attention as it is meant to be. Docked and loaded, the iGroove HG is indeed a rockstar in your home.

Retailed at $249.99, Amazon is offering this product at $199.99. More information on the iGroove HG can be obtained from Klipsch’s website @

iSkin’s Claro – Practical and Stylish iPod Skin

iSkin Claro iPod SkinThe team at iSkin are probably the hardest working folks in terms of designing and making practical yet stylish skins for the iPod. The iSkin Claro is an ultra clear polycarbonate shell made exclusively for the iPod Video (5G iPods) which boasts of features such as anti-scratch and inner silicone coating to protect your iPod from shock and moisture.

Owing to the fact that the Claro is crystal clear, your iPod’s will continue to show its natural color (great if you have personalized your iPod); and if you are in the mood for colorful iPod, you can add on Claro Slims (sold separately) that comes in 2 packs – the Cruiser Pack (Blaze Red, Prince Purple and Blush Pink) and the Chill Pack (Ebony Black, Sonic Blue and Ghost White glow in the dark).

If you are the one who uses Apple Dock, there is a minor drawback when using iSkin Claro – you would have to remove the iPod from the outer layer to dock it. One of the great ideas I love about the iSkin Claro is the integrated kick stand in its low profile belt clip. Such ingenuity allows you to stand your iPod upright whenever you are watching videos.

You can have your own iSkin Claro for $39.99 and the add-on Claro Slims at $25.00 at Amazon has the iSkin Claro at $28.99 and the Claro Slims at $22.99.

Boomtune Mini Tripod Speaker for iPod

iPod Speakers Tunewear BoomtuneIf you have an iPod, it is extremely likely that most of your music are stored on it. An iPod makes your music portable, but you only listen to them through your individualized headphones. One of the alternatives to release you from wiring your ear to your iPod, you can buy a floor model speaker but you have limited portability and mobility – simply because you need to be near the floor speakers. The answer to true mobility and portability without the need to sacrifice your outlook and style is the Boomtown Mini Tripod Speaker by Tunewear.

The Boomtown Mini speaker plugs right into your iPod headphone slot and then opens into an upside down tripod or if you prefer, an upside down umbrealla. All of your songs, movies and podcasts that you have selected will be played through the Boomtown Mini speaker. It can provide approximately ten hours of usage on a single AAA-sized battery.

Best of all, you can take the speaker with you anywhere that your iPod goes- great for use in the car or at the beach. Speaking of its aesthetics, this ingenius tripod design allows you to get great quality sound in a circular area around the iPod and works with any size of the iPod. Each portion of the speaker folds towards the middle to make it easy to carry. This is a great alternative to a higher priced iPod speaker or dock if want to be able to listen to music on the go without headphones.

Priced at $39.95 the Boomtown Mini comes in white or black colors. You can also get the Boomtown Mini from Amazon at $34.99.