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Rapid Travel Charger for Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone Rapid Travel ChargerAs with any other mobile phone, smartphone or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), you will need to keep your Apple iPhone charged and ready to go. The rapid travel charger for Apple iPhone will come in handy if you are always on the move, on a business travel or simply on a vacation.

Available at a price of $29.95, Gomadic’s new Apple iPhone Rapid Wall AC Travel Chargers boasts of delivering double amount of surge-free and safe power; thereby charging your iPhone fully in half the time compared to other chargers. The slim design makes this rapid travel charger very portable and easily stowed away in your haversack or briefcase. Read the rest of this entry »

Apple iPhone Cover Cases

Apple iPhone Red Cover CaseThe Apple iPhone will not be available to the US market until June 2007 but yet, the iPhone cover cases have already hit the streets. I duely applaud Incipio for making inroads to offer iPhone pouches in anticipation of consumer demands.

The last thing you want on your Apple iPhone are scratches, dings and scuffs. Protect your Apple iPhone with Incipio’s premium high quality leather case that features soft supple micro suede on the inside and magnetic flip strap that holds your precious iPhone in place. There are 2 mini compartments to hold extra memory cards. For easy carrying, the case comes with a built in belt clip.

Incipio’s Horizontal Pouch for iPhone is retailed at $19.99 but you can purchase it directly from their store for $14.99. You can choose from a variety of colors from black, red, brown or pink.

The iPhone Arrives

Apple iPhoneThis blog post is probably the millionth time you read about the iPhone unveiling at the last MacWorld Conference and therefore, I will not dwell into the nitty gritty technical specifications. As expected, true to Apple’s great capabilities and creativity, the iPhone shown was indeed a beautiful piece of art and yet packed with functions and features.

Apple Inc. describes the iPhone as a combination of three products; a mobile phone, an iPod and an Internet communications device – packed with email, web browsing, maps and searching functions. I love the fact that Apple has incorporated Google Maps into the iPhone. Now, if a GPS accessory add-on for the iPhone os introduced, I can leave my current GPS device at home whenever I go car cruising.

Priced reasonably at $499 (4GB iPhone) and $599 (8GB iPhone) and 2 years contract with Cingular, the iPhone is poised to end up in consumers pockets and handbags in the millions. It is also envisioned that many accessory for Apple iPhone will be designed and produced for this lucrative market. For one, iPhone skins will sell like hot cake as the current iPhone screen screams to be scratched.