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Glasses for your iSight

iGlasses SettingsAre you unhappy about the images captured by iSight? Dark and blurry images? No images captured under dim lightings? Unable to rotate image when placed iSight sideways? In short, the iSight is pretty limited in terms of image enhancements and this is where your iSight requires iGlasses.

With iGlasses, you get get total control over your iSight by adjusting and manipulating your video settings from Mac programs such as iChat, iMovie, Photo Booth, Yahoo! Messenger and Skype. For G3 users, you will be pleased to know that iGlasses is able to activate video conferencing on your Mac computers which fall below iChat’s minimum requirement of 600 MHz. Read the rest of this entry »

Custom Colors for your Apple Computers and Gadgets

Color MacBook ProNotice how most of Apple products are finished with white gloss? Isn’t it all too common for one to assume that white represents Apple products? Do you own a white Apple product or gadget and the color white is getting stale to you? Are you look for a change? Do you fancy a change? Differentiate yourself and your Apple products now with services from ColorWare.

Starting from a fee of $64, right up to $449, you can transform your Apple products into attention grabbers. With a tag line like “We will continue to create and transform our products beyond what the original manufacturers intended“, rest assured that ColorWare will transform the ubiquitous beige computers into custom-colored works of art.

With 28 outrageous colors to choose from, you are really spoilt for choice. The following are the prices for various Apple products:

  • iPod Nano G1 – $64
  • iPod Nano G2 – $74
  • iPod Video – $74
  • Mac Mini – $99
  • iBook – $399
  • PowerBook – $449
  • MacBook – $449
  • MacBook Pro – $449

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