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The Thinnest Bluetooth Mouse for Your Mac

Mogo Bluetooth MouseI carry my laptop with me a lot. Trust me when I say “a lot”. My laptop is practically by my side 20 hours a day (it sleeps next to me too). Using the trackpad for a short duration is pretty okay with me but after using it for more than 30 minutes, my fingers starts to cramp. I therefore, attach a mouse whenever I use my laptop.

Initially, I used the wired mouse but packing and unpacking the cables is becoming a chore. I then upgraded my mouse to a bluetooth wireless mouse but the amount of recharge required is bothering me till I found out about the MoGo Bluetooth Mouse. As you can observe from the inset, the Mogo Mouse is a business card sized 2 button wireless mouse that can be stored in the PC Card (PCMCIA) slot whenever not in use. Read the rest of this entry »

Swift Hardpack for the Bikers by Axio

Axio Red Swift HardpackAvid bikers are going to love this hardpack — Axio not only designed this hardpack with aerodynamics in mind, it also combined an aggressive outlook with modern functionality. Although the top of the pack is hard, the back of it is soft and ergonomically built for comfort.

The interior storage space boasts of a size of over 1200 cubic inches which has multiple compartments to store your BlackBerry, iPod, the newly unveiled iPhone and other devices. The main compartment should fit your MacBook, MacBook Pro, iBook and PowerBook easily up to the 17″ model. However, take a quick peek at Axio’s Swift hardpack dimensions to be absolutely sure.

The Axio Swift Hardpack has a suggested retail price of $134.95 (Amazon’s price is $118.00) and is available in Gloss Red, Electric Blue, Carbon Finish and Metallic Gray colors.

Hip Retro Shelf System for Your iPod

SpeckTone Retro SpeakersIf you have a hip home; if you are a hip person; if you desire hip stuff and if you are into retro things, the SpeckTone Retro Table Top Speaker System is just what you need. The first thing that catches your eyes would be the speakers retro-ness, the wood construction and the awesome glossy piano finish.

The SpeckTone Retro sports a four-inch subwoofer and delivers 28-watt output where the volume is controlled using a large knob located smack centered (this system is remote control-less).

You can get your very own Retro Speakers in white, black and green for $99. For more information, visit

Cool Shelf System – iH5 by iHome

iH5 by iHomeFree yourself and your iPod from the crutches of wired earbuds. Your iPod should be allowed to stream its music to every corner of your home. The iH5 from iHome is definite a great addition to your home with functionalities such as a radio, an alarm clock (wake up to the buzzer, radio or iPod music) and Gentle Sleep (gradual decrease in music volume). The iH5 boasts of its trademarked Reson8 Sound Chamber for clear sound reproduction and vibration minimization thorough its custom Strontium-Ferrite speakers.

Buy it now at iHomeDirect for $99.95 or if you prefer, from Amazon for $74.88.

Mac Mini Travel Case by Targus

Mac Mini Travel Bag by TargusIt is without doubt that the Mac Mini, being the small size that it is, is pretty portable and given a choice, I would not hesitate to bring it around. Instead of carrying it like a serving dish or putting it into your backpack, why not show it some love by protecting your precious Mac Mini and the valuable data inside it whilst in transit?

Have a look at Targus’ product offering in the form of a travel bag specifically for your Mac Mini. Dubbed as the Mac Mini Travel Case, this bag features a hardened structure on the outside and padded sleeve inside with zippers to keep your Mac Mini secured. Inside, there are 2 pocket holders that you can store your Mac Mini accessories.

Transporting the Mac Mini in the Travel Case, you can either carry using the nylon handles or use the padded shoulder strap. The Targus’ Mac Mini Travel Case can be obtained from Targus’ site for $24.99.