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iFrogz – Protection and Style Fusion for your iPod

The iFrogz is not your normal iPod silicone cover. It is actually a triple-component protection system. First, you have the Wrapz (the main shell) which provides protection all over your iPod except for the screen and click wheel. Next, we have the Bandz, which provides the extra padding for the sides; and finally, we have the Screenz, which provides the protection for your screen and click wheel. What make this fun is that all 3 parts are fully customizable. Read the rest of this entry »

Mac OS Screen Capture with FreeSnap

Mac OS Screen CaptureWe all have times when we need to get a screenshot of what is on the Mac’s screen. You may own a website and be writing reviews that you need in action images for, you might want to show something cool to a friend in another country, or you might have seen something unusual, and want to capture the moment to show off to friends.

FreeSnap is the ultimate screen taking application. It beats both SnapzProX and Apple’s included application “Grab”, by a considerable margin.

Why is FreeSnap so good? Read the rest of this entry »

Belkin Pre-N Wireless Router

Belkin Pre-N RouterWhat’s so special about the Belkin Pre-N router? Just 2 words to sum up about this Belkin router; faster & futher.

Further – 800% increase over the standard coverage of WiFi 802.11g standard. This translate to a larger wireless coverage, better signal quality and fewer signal drops.

Faster – 600% increase in speed compared to the WiFi 802.11g standard. This means you can move files, share documents and play multiplayer games efficiently with other devices in the same network. Read the rest of this entry »

8GB Credit Card Storage – LaCie Carte Orange

LaCie Carte OrangeThis has got to be one of the smallest or should I say, the slimmest USB storage device I have ever seen. With a monstrous 8GB storage, the Lacie Carte Orange sports a USB2.0 high speed connection and comes in the form of a credit card. At just 6mm of thickness, the device can fit comfortably in my wallet. Compared to the other flash storage devices, you either hang it around your neck or store them in the usual notebook bag pocket.

With 8GB of storage literally in my pocket, I can now travel with thousands of files, images, music or videos; transferring data at ease; the ultimate freedom of mobility.

Available at $149.99 from LaCie Store.

Stylish Skype Phone for Mac

IPEVO Skype Phone for MacI’m sure you guys know what Skype is (so, I won’t bore you with the basics of Skype). When I roam around the city, I see many Skype users using a normal headset with a microphone that juts out like a sorethumb. I used to have one of those Altec Lansing headsets but when I travel around with my iBook, the headsets suddenly appears impractical largely due to the size.

When I laid eyes on these IPEVO Skype Phone, I was captivated by the beauty, style and fashion statement it was making. Compared to the current Taiwanese brand that I use currently, the IPEVO Free-1 USB Skype Phone wins hands down. Fits perfectly into my bag too.

A quick rundown of the specifications:

  • Size: 151mm x 38mm x 25mm
  • Weighing in at 65g
  • Programmable buttons to add to your convenience
  • Use keypads to make SkypeOut calls or receive and control Skype conversations
  • Volume control and mute function buil-in to the handset
  • Does not require and onboard PC sound card
  • 10 types of ringtones to choose from including silent
  • Attached USB cable of 2.5m in length

Retailing at $34.99, the IPEVO Free-1 Skype Phone comes in Alpine White or Ultimate Black. Get both! 😆