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Aegis Mini 1.8″ USB Ultra Portable Hard Drive

Apricon Aegis USB Mini Hard DriveHave you ever considered how much important data you have on your computer? Vital documents such as bank details, emails, and family finance information as well as important photos are all stored on your computer, and if for any reason you lose it, you would be in deep trouble or rather in deep regret.

We are all protective enough of our paperwork, keeping it fireproof filing boxes, and yet we do not do the same for our electronic data. Very few of us take the time to make a regular back up of our vital information, despite the fact that it can so easily be lost. A power surge, the theft of a computer, or a domestic accident can all result in us losing all of our valuable data, and yet, making a back up is a simple task that takes almost no effort at all.With an Aegis Mini 1.8” USB Ultra Portable Hard Drive you can make a back up of all your data and keep it safe. It is small enough to keep in your pocket, yet big enough to contain upwards of 30GB of files, making it the perfect companion for your computer.

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The iPhone Arrives

Apple iPhoneThis blog post is probably the millionth time you read about the iPhone unveiling at the last MacWorld Conference and therefore, I will not dwell into the nitty gritty technical specifications. As expected, true to Apple’s great capabilities and creativity, the iPhone shown was indeed a beautiful piece of art and yet packed with functions and features.

Apple Inc. describes the iPhone as a combination of three products; a mobile phone, an iPod and an Internet communications device – packed with email, web browsing, maps and searching functions. I love the fact that Apple has incorporated Google Maps into the iPhone. Now, if a GPS accessory add-on for the iPhone os introduced, I can leave my current GPS device at home whenever I go car cruising.

Priced reasonably at $499 (4GB iPhone) and $599 (8GB iPhone) and 2 years contract with Cingular, the iPhone is poised to end up in consumers pockets and handbags in the millions. It is also envisioned that many accessory for Apple iPhone will be designed and produced for this lucrative market. For one, iPhone skins will sell like hot cake as the current iPhone screen screams to be scratched.

Happy New Year 2007

I wish you all a wonderful new year and may all your Apple products serve you well as we enter 2007. Over the past 12 months, MacGears has experienced a tremendous growth in terms of visitors and readership; thanks to all of you especially loyal readers who subscribed to MacGears’ RSS feed.

This increase in readership has indeed encouraged me to continue bringing you great accessories for your Mac products. I have in mind a few ideas to serve you better and one immediate actions I have is to add a forum. So, what do you think? Should MacGears have a forum? Participate in the poll below and help me decide.

Create polls and vote for free.

Allow me to once more thank you for visiting MacGears and wish you a very Happy New Year!!

iPod Earbuds are Crappy, Get the Sony

Sony Fontopia MDR-EX71SLMany iPod owners will realize sooner or later that the original iPod earbuds that is supplied when purchased is crappy and kills music. This is the case of yours truly. Listening to music on an iPod using those hideous earbuds is akin to driving a Ferarri using wooden wheels.

If you really want to draw the full potential of your iPod and really want to listen to music as it should be, do yourself a favor and get one of these Sony MDR-EX71SL Fontopia. These earphones comes with an extension cable for longer reach and 3 earpieces so as to allow the owner to find a comfortable fit.

These earphones fit into your ear canal and does in fact block off external noise allowing music to then flow in all its majesty into your eardrums.

iLife 06: iPhoto – A Review

Apple iLife '06This year’s update to iPhoto is a substantial one. Apple has worked hard, improving current features, and also introducing some cool new features.

Upfront, the notable change you will see when launching iPhoto 6 is the interface. The interface now matches that of iTunes 6, which looks very smooth and attractive. It has a soft touch of blue in the sidebar where your albums reside, and the rest of the interface has a nice aqua edge too it.

Faster Loading
One of the heavily marketed features in the new iPhoto is the major speed enhancement. When you open iPhoto your photos now load considerably faster. Scrolling through your photo library is also a much speedier experience. iPhoto now has the ability to store and organize up to 250,000 images, so the speed incensement will be dearly loved by those with larger photo libraries.

Apple’s brand new feature to iPhoto, Photocasting has been talked about a lot among Mac fanatics. Photocasting allows .Mac members to share photos anywhere, anytime, all around the world.

When you click on an image, you can click the Photocast button, and it will publish the image to your .Mac account, along with automatically creating an RSS feed which others can subscribe to and view your images.

Once your Photocasting RSS feed is created, friends or family can subscribe to the feed directly through iPhoto, or if they use a Windows computer, the images can be viewed through any RSS reader.
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